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Karen Crawford Rooney, draws inspiration from her connections to nature and the spiritual realm in her artwork. Private sale only and available in select galleries. Custom Art by Request

Meet Karen


Making art is a process.  Usually mine seems to be driven by a divine source whom I call “Spirit”; my work is not calculated and seems to flow out of me.  Sometimes it comes as a waterfall effect, other times feels like a 100 mph speed rendering but most often a concept exacts a certain sense of patience from me; nudging me to re-visit and re-visit knowing that time has a way of shaping art in its own way.  Eventually I’ll know a piece is whole.

Much of my inspiration is drawn from nature as well.  I live on the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia Beach, Virginia; the wild dunes, sand, shells and of course the water with its constantly changing shapes, whispers and roars provide endless material to ponder and translate to canvas.

I use acrylic paints and gesso predominately and a variety of application tools sometimes including chopsticks, plastic utensils or whatever I can get my hands on in addition to my brushes.  I’ll often incorporate unusual ingredients into the mediums such as sand, baking soda, salts, tiny styrofoam balls and wrapping tissue.  Again, whatever speaks to me as I build out a piece. 


My supporters include private collectors and galleries alike. I hope my following will continue to flourish as I highlight my work through this site. My clients often share with me that my work has inspired their meditation processes, peaceful reflections and even shamanic journeys, allowing freedom of the mind to wander, reflect and muse.

I hope the scrapes, bumps, valleys and textures allow you to ruminate and expand your imagination. Regardless of the thoughts rendered, whether they seem random, lyrical or both, I hope my art brings you to wonder about the unknown or the unknowable.

Blessings and White Light,


Karen Crawford Rooney CEO of KCR Artwork
Karen Artist Painting
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